What is Kontent.ai? 

Kontent.ai, formerly known as Kentico Kontent, is a headless modular content platform to plan, create, and publish content in one place and for any channel.

What are the advantages for my IT team?

Kontent.ai  is a SaaS platform which means that the maintenance, support and hosting is not your IT team’s responsibility anymore. Kontent.ai is a headless platform which means that your IT team can choose which front end language to use when building websites and apps for the experiences on different channels.

What are the advantages for my marketing team? 

The platform offers end to end lifecyle management for all your content. It allows for planning and collaboration on any content for any channel. For the website channel content editors can manage content in-context, using a WYSIWYG interface called Web Spotlight.

Why choose Blastic for a Kontent.ai implementation? 

Blastic is a Kontent.ai Advanced partner which makes us the perfect team to implement and build out your platform based on Kontent.ai.

Which different modules or plans can I choose from? 

Kontent.ai offers licensing options in three tiers: Free (non-commercial projects), Scale and Enterprise. The plans can be consulted here.

Why choose Kontent.ai over other headless CMS platforms? 

Kontent.ai is more then only a headless CMS, it offers planning and collaboration tools for the management of your end to end content lifecyle. As a headless CMS, Kontent.ai offers an intuitive WYSIWYG interface called Web Spotlight for the management of website pages.

What does my investment look like for years to come? Is it a one-time investment? 

The license cost is a monthly recurring fee. The initial implementation can be a one-time project, with the foundational features to build upon. We strongly believe in reusable elements for a better ROI.

The platform can grow as your digital marketing plans and roadmap evolve.

Can I create my own landing pages in Kontent.ai? 

Yes! We can setup the content types and attributes that are needed to build your own landing pages in the headless CMS, and editors can use the Web Spotlight interface for in-context editing of landing pages.

Do I need to place cookies when using Kontent.ai? 

Not necessarily. Depending on requirements on your front end channels, cookies might be required.

How much does it cost? 

The cost of licenses is transparent and can be consulted here. The hosting cost of the front end applications consuming content from Kontent.ai highly depends on the solution you envision. Please reach out to discuss what the options are.

Can I send emails from Kontent.ai? 

No, Kontent.ai only handles content but you can integrate email platforms consuming content from the central Kontent.ai content platform.

Can I link other technologies to my Kontent.ai platform? 

Yes,  as an API-first MACH platform, Kontent.ai is built for integrations with other best-of-breed platforms in a composable technology stack.

Is Kontent.ai difficult to work with? 

Kontent.ai is well known for its user friendly interface and end users find the tool easy to use.

I am currently using WordPress. Will I be able to find my way around Kontent.ai? 

For sure, it’s a good starting point to have experience with other Content Management Systems and their concepts.

Blastic is a Kontent.ai Advanced Implementation Partner

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